2 Pak Special : Motocross : Boom Bang

Atari 2600
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Nom du jeu : 2 Pak Special : Motocross : Boom Bang

Plateforme : Atari 2600

Region : Europe (PAL)

Année de sortie : 1990

Genre :

Editeur : Home Entertainment Suppliers

Développeur :

Nombre de joueurs : 1-2

Code Barre (EAN):

Synopsis : Motocross: You are a super-cyclist. You start this handicap race with a full fuel tank. The number of bikes you have to overtake, to take the lead, is posted at the bottom of the screen. As you race off in pursuit, your fuel gauge will indicate how much petrol you have in your tank. You can pick up cans of fuel as you go, these are marked by pennants. Once you have taken the lead, a new race will begin. Scoring: The number of miles and screens you have passed show in the bottom of the screen. (One player) Boom Bang: After a nuclear test, all insects are transformed into terrible destroyers which are able to crawl up into the windows. The insect barrage is swarming out of the underground hole. Insects appear in a cycle of four waves of twelve, from black, blue, red to green. This girl's mission is to take stoneshots at the insect invaders. After more than six terrible creatures crawl in the windows, they'll start gobbling up the house. When they eat up six layers of the building, all is over. (One or two players)

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